About Luxury Heirs

Sparks flew when two spitfires Jami and Kendra met at a mommy and me gymnastic class, where their worlds collided in a flurry of Barbie dolls and braids. These besties raising besties decided to combine big dreams and larger leaps, and thus Luxury Heirs was born. 

Based in sunny California, Luxury Heirs redesigns beloved vintage handbags and gives them a new life, with the goal of showing Jami and Kendra’s girls how to think, style and hustle like bad@$$ future heiresses. 


About the Products

LH bags: where stories meet style. From Monaco's clubs to the Maldives' islands, our vintage bags have traveled the world. We've upcycled and authenticated each piece, giving them a new lease on life so they're ready for wherever our heiresses take them next. Whether it's Sunday brunch or game day, let LH be your ultimate style companion.